S.H.E Talks to CoverGirl Contest Winner Liyah Haughton

Liyah Does It Her Way

By Ayana Dinha, Editor-In-Chief

Liyah is so beautiful and named after one of our all-time favorite artists, Aaliyah. Thank you so much to Shonnie and everyone else who participated in our first ever CoverGirl Contest.

-Where did you grow up? I was born and raised in the bustling and vibrant city of San Myshuno. Sometimes I miss living there, but the busy atmosphere gets old.

-Can you tell us about your family? I’m an only child. My father passed away when I was 14 from testicular cancer. He was very stubborn but great father. I miss him so much My mother, and I don’t have the best relationship right now, and I rarely talk to her. After my father’s death, she was never the same. She just…um, disconnected from the world and I witnessed the light diminish from her eyes [ Liyah pauses with sadness on your face]…yeah.

-What is your career? I’m currently working as a freelanced model, and I love it! I refused to be owned by any agency; I love my freedom!
I also voluntary at an elementary school in Newcrest teaching our bright and magical children how to play the piano! They’re so talented and smart. Some of the children are troubled, and I want to help them channel their frustration [through music].

Why did you want to be a S.H.E Covergirl? Well, to tell you the truth I had no intentions of submitting anything. I insisted Jasmine should, but she nagged me until the little bit of hair I have left to enter my photos. I’m glad I did it though because look where I’m I am now on the freaking cover [Liyah squeals with delight]. There were so many gorgeous models that submitted their pictures for the CoverGirl contest; the competition was fierce!! The magazine will help open the doors for many others!!

Favorite place to travel? I’ve wanted to travel to Japan. The fashion, nightlife, food, and culture excites the mess out of me! One day (fingers crossed), I will be able to see Japan but…money its a little tight around here..I’ll give myself two to three years to get my finances in order!!

Who is your favorite singer(s)? Gurlll, I love me some Sade, Aaliyah, and just about anything that came out in the 90’s, a little 80’s, and 70’s. George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic. My daddy had great taste in music.

What is your favorite color? Ha, just like the flavor of kool-aid; red! For real though and not for play! My favorite colors red, black, blue..sometimes I will throw in a little color. My girl, Jasmine always tells me that I look like I’m going to a funeral [laughing] whatever!

Thank you Liyah for talking to us today. We’re so excited for your special feature and happy to have you as part of the S.H.E family!


A special thanks to Shonnie W for giving us some great background information and beautiful pictures!

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