S.H.E Magazine and Special Feature Custom Content for Your Home!

Hello S.H.E Ladies!

As part of the gift to the S.H.E CoverGirl Contest winner, I made custom magazine covers for Liyah and the previous issues. I also had a special custom print of the contestant featured layout. You can see full-size previews in the posts here at S.H.E.

Thank you!

Featured Layouts

Check out our interview with Liyah! 

Be sure to check out Ayana’s story in Reign: A Game of Power

Ayana’s office S.H.E magazine


Base Game

7 Swatches Covers

9 Swatches Feature

Download OD no ad fly

Thank you to EA and pose and other cc creators.

Thank yous and Credit:


Tis Jus Teeya

Jay D


Monique S.

Margo O.

Monica H

Kim C

Tiffany S.

Bryana G.

Huni B.

Shonnie W.

Sharma W.

Flufaye A.


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