The Year: 1983. Where Were You? Our 80’s Diva Style Look

80’s Style Diva Queen

The year: 1983. Where were you? Well, I’ll tell you where I was. I was a tiny little munchkin admiring the way my mother dressed in her quintessential 80s diva queen attire. Sapphire’s look is inspired by my mom, who to this day still has impeccable style. When I took these pics, they screamed 1983! LOL. The knee-high socks, the headband, the retro shorts, all pieces I loved about my favorite decade! Sometimes I wish I were my mom’s age back then. The decade rocked and I would have loved to club in the early to mid-80s.






  1. That was an amazing year to be alive!!!! I should know 🙂
    She looks absolutely stunning and represents that era very well. I love the shots you took, great eye! Nice blog overall. I’m looking forward to what else I will discover on here!

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    • Wow, I really appreciate such a thoughtful comment, thank you! I was 3 in 1983, so some of my memories are a little fuzzy, but I definitely remember loving to watch my mom dress, put on makeup and just be beautiful. Thank you so much for visiting.


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