Slaying Your Closet


By Ayana Dinha, Editor-In-Chief

We girls can do anything. One of the things we love the most is our closets. It’s a place of sanctuary, where you can dive into and get lost in clothes, bags, and shoes. Who of us loved to play dress-up in our mother’s closet as little girls? Playing isn’t just for kids, have fun every time you enter your wardrobe, ladies. Dress as if you are walking the runway, dance in the mirror, and slay them every day.

(Please scroll down to see the full two-page size layouts)


I’ve known socialite, Chasity Castle for a while. She has a fresh and funky style, and her taste is impeccable. The first time I saw her wardrobe, I was slayed. Chasity’s closet is the cat’s meow.


RnB superstar, Gemini invited us into her closet on our recent visit to her home. You’ll find top designer fashion house collections lining the walls. Gemini’s closet is what dreams are made of.


We loved the eclectic design of Channaa’s closet. Her style is both sporty and flirty. Sexy, yet soft at the same time. It’s not always easy to achieve such a balance, but Channaa does it effortlessly.


Aureliana has the most fun and girly closet I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a makeup artist and fashionista’s dream. It’s a whimsical, stylish, feminine ball of slay. We love it!


One word to describe Kai’s style: Sophistication. She has it in spades; her designer closet matches that style. We loved the clean lines and modern feel, with hints of sparkle and glamour throughout. Wherever Kai goes, you can count on her slay everyone in the room.


Marseille is a material girl living in a material world. You can’t call her wardrobe a “closet.” Queens had rooms in their castles; that’s what she has. Marseille’s designer closet is the Taj Mihal of fitting rooms. Every designer worth wearing she owns. Rows of shoes, bags, accessories, without a seemingly end in sight. How many bags and shoes? She said she stopped counting after a while; it got to be too much. More shoes, more problems. Slay on Miss. Powers.



Chasity Desi Knight

Gemini LL Hayes

Channaa Tis Jus Teeya

Aureliana BrittSmitt Seeya

Kai Lashae M.Solomon

Marseille (Me)

Thank you all for submitting your most slay-worthy closet pictures. I truly appreciate the time and effort it took to take such beautiful pictures. This was a fun feature for me and I hope to make another one in the future.

***All layouts, designs, graphics made by me, designed by me.


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