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Sims of Color Stories Recommended Reading List:

(Includes YouTube Let’s Plays, and machinima)


Recommended stories:

(TS4) Diamonds Are Forever

The Story fo Arya

Monica Hines

(TS4) Gonzalez Family Legacy/Role Play Story

Bryana Siobhan Gonzalez

(TS4) Deceit

Desire Sims
Check out her YouTube channel for awesome LPs

(TS4) Michaels Family Legacy Story

@Jessica Harris King

(TS4) Ashlee and The Boys

@Tisa Browder

(TS4) It’s Time To Grow Up

@Shea Maxwell

(TS4) Willow Heights

Alisha Dunn

(TS4) The Life of Lynn

Nicole Williams

(TS4) Lets Play Sims 4 Time Of Our Lives

(TS4) What is Love?

@Chavaun Pulliam

(TS4) Let’s Play Tiona Forbes

@Sun Shyne

(TS4) The Falls (Alien Adoption Challenge)

@Charlii Mai

(TS4) Shrimp, Grits, and Pimp Shit

@Chantel Lemar

(TS4) Luxure/Luxure Sims

Sanyel Reynolds

(TS4) Let’s Play Sims 4 Time of Our Lives

@Samaz Sandra Horice-Eposito

(TS4) PinkPixels Let’s Play

@Esha Pena

(TS4) Fabulize

@Erika Hardison

(TS4) Purple Posse

@Lynn Jerome

(TS4) Eleanor

@Lisa K McMaster- Baldwin

(TS4) New Beginnings

Devida Lindsey

(TS4) Oddysy and Artsy

@Kiraa Mariaa

(TS4) Let’s Play CAS Speed

Jocelyn King

(TS4) Queen Theo-Bee Stories

@Tiffany Smith

(TS4) Murder Valley Sims

(TS4) Galacticsimz

(TS4) MonaSims

Monique Solomon

(TS4) The Simple Life

@Jalisa Davis

(TS4) Simelation (YouTube)

@Jessica Sarah Walker

(TS4) Living the Life of Riley (YouTube)

@Ellissia Gruber

(TS4) Cathy Tea’s SimLit

(TS4) Consideration

Sombre Sims

(TS4) Things Fall Apart

(TS4) Slaying the Universe:100 Baby Challenge Story

Desi Knight

(TS3) Noble Doubt

Kymber Hawke

(TS3) Meet My Mother (Machinima Series)

Camille Mott

(TS3) Queen Pin

(TS3) The Torres Legacy

(TS3) Reagan Leeds: Run The World.

A little disclaimer: This is my first story for Sims I completed over two years ago.

(TS4) Dreams and Drama (A Neighborhood Rotation)

(TS4) Truly Curly (A Disney Challenge Story)

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