New Luxurious Sims Talks to S.H.E About Her Custom Creations!

We recently had the chance to talk to New Luxurious Sims 4 about her beautiful custom content. My particular favorite set is The Late Night Twinkle Collection which exclusive on Patreon. You can support New Luxurious Sims here.  She also has a lot of content including clothing and furniture for free on her website and Tumblr. Make sure to check out her content, you will not be disappointed! Thank you so much for talking to S.H.E, we look forward to future creations.



What can you tell S.H.E about The Late Night Twinkle Collection?

It’s funny that the outfit wasn’t supposed to be that at all and was pulled out of thin air. I was looking through some IG pictures and constantly saw all these stars advertising Fashion Nova. I hadn’t been to the site before just always heard about it so instead of going on the site I googled images and came across this dope line designed two-piece that sparkled. I thought it was my cute and realized it reminded me of the pants and sweatshirt on the sims the sparkle on the sides. I knew I could make the fashion nova outfit if I figured out what made the Sims outfit sparkle. Long story short I figured it out and created the Waisted Body on collection. It came out so good that I got a little sparkle crazy and wanted something else. I’m all about sexy and was currently in the mode of wanting a lot of sheer items. I did a few Google searches and found the perfect bodysuit. It was white and glittered. I just knew I had to make it (laughs).

What inspires you to make custom content?

I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer. I played Barbie with my mom for so many years, and she taught me how to sew outfits for them, and then we played paper dolls, and she taught me how to draw outfits for them. Eventually, I kept drawing the outfits but stopped cutting them out for the paper dolls, and I was really good. The Sims came out while I was in elementary school and my mom and I would make the most basic outfits for The Sims who h were just recolors and logo additions just because they didn’t have what we wanted. I didn’t make anything for The Sims 2 &3 but as soon asSims 4 came out, I was already in college for fashion merchandising/Retail Management and was like maybe I could make some outfits that I draw for the Sims so I can get a 3d version of them and it just grew from there. I love being creative and creating cc sorta gives me a way to be a fashion designer and get my product out to people who love it.

What type of cc do you like to make most?

Clothes are my favorite thing to make. Fashion started out as my passion and still is. No matter what I am doing, I tend always to find time to go back and make a quick bodysuit or two-piece.

What is your favorite thing about making cc?

My favorite thing about making cc would have to be between seeing what someone does with it regarding putting an outfit together or interior decorating a furniture set and the likes and comments. I know that may sound shallow, but it’s so cool to see people liking and commenting positively on something I created. I recently reached 1000 Tumblr followers after having reach 700 in only a few months in the beginning and then having to start over from scratch. I was so grateful and ecstatic to reach that 1000. It felt like I’d done it twice. Like people didn’t just like my CC, but they liked it. LOL

What is your least favorite thing about making cc?

My least favorite thing about cc was initially the meshes. I am not that good with creating new clothing meshes, I can tweak a few things, but I have a long way to go with being great at clothing meshes, and you can’t find good tuts because No one wants to give away their secrets of course. I’m much better at furniture meshes surprisingly. But within the last few month, my least favorite thing about cc is having to update it. I know everyone can’t download certain software and take the steps needed to fix things patches break but having to redo the things I’ve done already sorta slows down the creative juices for me.

How long have you made cc and is The Sims 4 the first game you’ve created for?

I made cc for The Sims 1 but never released it or anything. My favorite thing to recolors was the dirty looking pajama t-shirt, pants, and blue slippers. I didn’t make anything with two and three because I was just a kid and finally trying to be outside the house a little more plus homework was a killer. I’ve been making sims 4 CC since the game was released. I went by the name luxurioussims4 at the time. I remember I couldn’t get anything on resource because of the many rules, so I found sims4updates due to using it with Sims 3, and there were very few of us creators at the time. Like it was so long ago that one of my biggest creations was long nails and it was myself and one other sim creator who had long nails, I believe we came out the same week. I still use those nails. They were my first ever mesh attempt.

As someone who puts in a lot of effort into their creations, do you feel as if your work is appreciated in the community?


There are times when I feel like my work is appreciated and times when I don’t. Like I stated previously, I had a Tumblr from the beginning of the game that was getting followers quick, and my download numbers were huge. There were also fewer creators at the time. Most hadn’t converted over to 4 and were still on three so I felt like players needed the cc in their games. It wasn’t necessarily a quantity case, but more of a quality one because what I produced was better quality than what the game had given. By the time that I had to redo my page, there were hundreds of creators. Those who were extremely popular with TS3 had come over and was just as popular with TS4. Building my following back up wasn’t as easy at all and was a time and advertising game. I felt like I was running a business lol. So for a while, I didn’t feel like my work was appreciated in the community. I didn’t have the followers as many others did, my name wasn’t mentioned with those who you must follow, I didn’t see my creations on Sims in the gallery it was just different from what I experience the first go round.

Recently since I’ve started a Patreon I feel like I am being appreciated beyond words. I feel I’m going on my 3rd month and I feel like anyone who will put their hard earned money behind you deserves the best that you have and when they do it constantly and don’t leave that’s just unreal. I believe that a lot of my Tumblr family appreciates me as well. Everyone doesn’t have money to spend on Patreon especially when the Sims themselves cost so much, but the Patrons are the ones who say I love your free creations so much and support what you are trying to do that I’ll pay to get that extra you that you bring. If that isn’t support and appreciation, then I don’t know what is.

What other types of content would you like to create?

Well I feel like every creator will probably say they want to learn how to create hair. That’s not really something I’m interested in doing. I do want to improve on what I already know how to do though. So I surely want to get better and more detailed with meshes. I’m not a creator who wants only to keep doing what is working; I need a challenge, so next, I hope to get into shoes and jewelry.

Your website is beautiful. I appreciate how you’ve styled your models, does it take a long time to do a photo shoot?

Thank you so much. It doesn’t take that long to do a photo shoot at all. Sometimes it’s a little hard choosing what pose though. A lot of times I’ll take a sim from gallery or one I’ve already made and change them. I usually don’t have the cc from the gallery, so I use the bone structure or something from others sims and ad makeup and hair like it’s a makeover. It’ll take longer if I’m taking pics and it seems like a particular model is just killing. It seems so real like she’s a great model. Usually, I’ll put on one of my Spotify playlists and just do a photo shoot and knock it out quick if it’s a model I’ve already created myself, change hair and makeup and I’m good to go. If I make a lot of clothing, it takes longer because I don’t want the same poses and I feel like I don’t have that many poses because I only use those for CAS and haven’t tried pose player which is what everyone makes poses for now.

Do you like to create more over playing the game?

I remember with Sims 1 I would bet my mom to let me stay home from school so I could play. Now I haven’t even had a chance to try playing with toddlers or pets because I’m trying to create. I think it’s harder to do both and give the same time to both. I have tried lately to play more but I’ve only played twice since October, and then I only stay for maybe an hour and 30. I spend most of my time changing my Sim outfit, letting her woohoo and then her going to work because the aim is trying this no motherload situation right now. I guess with that being said I like creating more than playing but I do feel like I miss out on a lot.

Thank you so much this was a first and super fun.


Author’s Note: Model is Marseille Powers, by me. I made a special photoshoot for this interview. 



    • I am so glad you liked it. Some creators aren’t very friendly and wouldn’t want to be interviewed. But I love all of your cc and I was so humbled you agreed to answer some questions.


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