Marseille Powers: Run The World

Marseille Powers: Run The World

By Parminder Patel, Editor-At-Large

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The entire world knows her mother; legendary supermodel and designer Reagan Leeds-Powers. Her father is Jaylen Powers, Co-CEO of Powers Enterprises, the maker of high-end vodka Sayuri and owner of the over 500 exclusive upscale Tomo Nightclubs and resorts worldwide. She is Marseille Powers.

Marseille recently moved to San Myshuno from Sunlit Tides where she grew up as the oldest of three. As socialite on the Sunlit, New York, and Miami scenes, she was one of the youngest and most successful event planners in town. Partying is in her blood, and she has the business acumen to back it up. Don’t write her off as just another wealthy socialite that spends daddy’s money. Her closet is more like a boutique that you would find on Robertson or 5th Avenue. I’ve seen it myself. I was in awe of the seemingly endless parade of high-end designer bags and shoes. But once one gets to know Marseille, they will soon find out that material things aren’t of great importance to her. Yes, she loves the more exceptional things in life and as the daughter of a supermodel, she is fashion driven, but Marsy wants more and expects more from herself.

Urban Couture

Marseille recently was placed in charge of the day to day operations of Tomo San Myshuno, the city’s most anticipated high-end club. Tomo’s grand opening is just two months away, and Marseille has been busier than ever seeing to the daily responsibilities involved in running a successful nightclub. She oversees fifty employees, multiple vendors, and will be responsible for thousands of patrons; and she’s only in her twenties.

I visited Marseille’s San Myshuno penthouse that she shares with her cousin and BFF, Sapphire Powers to speak with her for our feature article. She seems at ease living in the lap of luxury overlooking the city in the upscale fashion district. We’re anxious to see what she’s up to and what everyone can expect in her new endeavor.

She’s All Grown Up Now

Thanks for inviting S.H.E into your home. How have you been adjusting to living in the city?

You’re welcome. It’s great. I’ve been here many times over the years, I have a lot of friends in the city, and the experience has been excellent.

Has it been hard for you to find your own identity outside of her mother? Everywhere you go, people know you, but mainly as Reagan Leeds’ daughter. It’s what people label you as.

In some respects, yes it has been hard to find myself without attaching my mother’s name to everything I do. My parents have been supportive of my career choices. In college, I knew I wanted to study business and marketing. I wanted to invest in my brand one day and develop an event planning company, which I did while I was still in college. My mother nor my father were very much into school when they were my age, but they both graduated from good four-year universities. What they told me is not to be so much of a partier and irresponsible like they were, but to concentrate on my schooling and to figure out the best way to use my education.

Marseille rocks out in denim

Is it true that your mother wanted you to follow in her footsteps and become a model?

Not a model per se, but I guess she thought I would want to go into the fashion design business once I graduated because of my love of clothes and the times I interned for her company.

Did she try pushing you in that direction?

(Laughs) I won’t say she “ pushed” me; I will say that my mom is very determined and ambitious. She doesn’t understand the word “no” at times. It’s not because she doesn’t want her kids to have their own lives, she just wants to make sure we’re living our best lives. And part of that vision is me working for her.

Was Reagan upset when you decided to go into business with your dad?

(Hesitates) I think she was maybe a little surprised at first, but she’s getting used to the idea. It’s been hard for her since I moved; she’s not able to see every day.

I can imagine it must’ve been hard for her as a mother. How did she handle it when you went away to college?

She took it very hard because I went to school in New York which is 3000 miles away from Sunlit. I have family there like my paternal grandparents and a lot of cousins.

Everyone’s been talking about your moving here and opening up Tomo for the past year. You’re mainly known as a party and event planner, socialite, and daughter of Reagan Leeds. The public has been petitioning your father’s company Powers Enterprises for years to open a nightclub in San Myshuno. Can you give us any insight into why he decided to now and why he’s named you as the chief operator?

Well, my dad and uncle, who is the other Co-CEO of their company have wanted to expand to San Myshuno for a few years now, but because they were building in multiple cities, they had to wait until a better time. San Myshuno is growing at a rapid rate every day, and the market for nightclubs is booming. There’s a lot of things for young professionals to do here and a lot of businesses are opening around the city. My uncle Amarre recently oversaw the completion of the Avenue Hotel and Resort, and that was a two-year operation. I interned with him about a year ago, and that’s when I finally decided that I wanted to explore the business and entertainment side of the company. My uncle is probably the smartest person I know, and he’s taught me a lot. It wasn’t just my dad’s idea to make me chief operator of Tomo, but my uncle was all for it and encouraged me to believe in my capabilities.

Have you been pressured by an expectation to succeed?

I would be lying if I said I never felt any pressure. It’s there every day. My father and uncle said it’s good that I feel pressured as long as it doesn’t cause me great stress or burnout. They said it drives you to succeed and be the best. I want very much to make them happy and prove that I’m not just the boss’s daughter and that I  know what I’m doing. It’s vital that I can make Tomo a success. It’s not just their business; it’s our family brand. Daddy and Uncle Amarre started a smaller club called Avenue in Brooklyn when they were seniors at NYU. It became very popular with celebrities, and they had a non-stop stream of patrons. Eventually, they chose to move to Isla Paradiso and launch the very first Tomo there. Within a couple of years, they expanded to my mother’s hometown, Miami and kept growing around the country and overseas. So yeah, Tomo, Powers Enterprises, all of it is too big to fail. I’ll be responsible for a lot of people, and my dad and uncle will hold me accountable.

You have the weight of the world on your shoulders, Marseille. We all hope you the best, and we’re eagerly anticipating the opening of Tomo San Myshuno.

(Laughing) I would love for everyone at S.H.E to be my special VIP guests at our grand opening.

Thanks again for talking with us today, Marseille.

You’re welcome and thanks for stopping by.


Stay tuned to see Marseille in my upcoming story, Reign: A Game of Power

To read about Marsy’s mother’s story check out Reagan Leeds: Run The World

Her closet looks just like an upscale boutique



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