Jem and The Holograms All-New Collection

****ATTENTION**** All f my cc is now on my main blog Reign: A Game of Power Here.

TS4 Jem and The Holograms Collection I
The Holograms vs The Misfits

I’m a true blue 80s kid and Jem and The Holograms is my all-time favorite cartoon. This is a project I personally wanted to do because as usual, I can only make content that I feel passionate about. The first ensemble in the collection is inspired by Aja of The Holograms but updated for a modern look. I’d previously made a collection for The Sims 3 several years ago and wanted to make a bigger and more expansive collection for TS4. As part of my special edition of S.H.E magazine, I am releasing more 80s inspired custom content in the coming weeks.

15 Variants Aja Top  (CL required) w/ belt w/o belt
15 Variants Aja Skirt (BG compatible)
*22 Variants Aja Tube (BG compatible)
4 Variants Aja Gloves (BG compatible)
2 Variants Aja Tights (BG compatible)
7 Variants Aja Bracelet (BG compatible)

*The accessory tube can be found in bracelets, wrist left.

Download at Reign: A Game of Power
(No ad fly)

(All swatches not pictured)

City Living required for top, modified by me

Credit EA, Chisami for modified tube top mesh, Hasbro
cc accessories used Ulika, Serenity, Simplicity, Madlen

Made with Photoshop CC, Sims 4 Studio

Stay tuned for my content made for my upcoming drama Reign: A Game of Power

Check out The Classy Reviewer for further insight into the collection





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