#No Rules for Socialites: An 80s Inspired Street Look

No Rules


What looks like a dirty old tunnel that hasn’t been in use for some years in downtown San Myshuno, wasn’t what it seemed. Born out of the dirt and grime rose a runway. The models donned 80s inspired workout gear reminiscent of Jane Fonda or Oliva Newton-John. I could only imagine the men who observed the shoot chanted ” Let’s get physical”  in their heads. The thong panties, coupled with thigh-high boots with a worn high-end look. That’s the trick these days. You could pay easily over a thousand dollars for a pair of jeans that looked like it’s been run over and thrown away wet.


This was no ordinary shoot with no ordinary models. The blonde, a new hair color for her, may leave her unrecognizable. But once you get up close and see those emerald green eyes, you immediately see the resemblance. Marseille Powers, daughter of supermodel legend Reagan Leeds-Powers had her mother’s domineering presence on set. So many people had hoped Marseille would follow in her mother’s footsteps, but alas, she was merely doing a favor for a friend by participating in this photoshoot.

The socialite has other plans in the works, the major one being heading her father’s newest club of his world-renowned nightclub chain, Tomo. Just about any city in the world worth its salt has a Tomo or at least one of the other more than 500 nightclubs, hotels, or country clubs owned by Powers Enterprises. Marseille herself is unassuming, but she drips money. You can smell the wealth and prestige that any well-bred high-class girl like Marseille exudes as soon as she walks into the room.

The other model is no stranger to having a legendary model as a mother either, Ekko Takashi-Wright is the daughter of the most successful Japanese-American supermodel in history, Aoki Takashi. Aoki and Reagan are old friends and so are their daughters as they were brought up together. Their fathers were business partners, the families took weekend trips to The Cape or Hamptons, often yachting. Weekend in St. Tropez? Hey, no problem. The uber-wealthy have the resources in spades. No, maybe money isn’t everything and by upon first meeting Marsy, you would think that it was the last thing on her mind. She’s going to light the streets of San Myshuno up, I for one can’t wait to see what she has planned.

-Ayana Dinha.





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