80s Look Back: It’s A Pleasure Principle

The Pleasure Principle

By Parminder Patel Editor-At-Large

Our look back at the 80s continues with these cool throwback pictures to 1987! Anyone not living under a rock knew about Pleasure Principle and danced along with Janet…Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty.

Supermodel Reagan Leeds-Powers’ mother, Apollonia De-Sai shared some of her throwback pictures with us and talked about what it meant to her to move to the United States after leaving Trinidad and Tobago in 1986.

“I wanted to come to America and dance. My dream had always been to choreograph for Michael the king and his sister, Janet. No one could move like them. They gave me hope ‘dat a little black ‘ting like me could make it as a dancer. Michael and Janet had an amazing energy, the likes which we have not seen since. I bought this ‘Pleasure Principle’ in Miami as soon as it came out. I didn’t want to take it off! I wore it so many times, it eventually got so faded.”

“The song and video were one of the many that I regularly danced to and perfected my skills. It will always be special to me. I miss those days. I miss those days. The 80s were hands down the decade.”



  1. Yass I love Apollonia’s 80’s look. I’m going to have to watch that Pleasure P video. The 80’s was before my time, but I always though the fashion was really cool. I loved getting to know more about Apollonia’s life before the kids, she has a great narrative voice.

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  2. […] The second part of the collection is a collaboration between supermodel legend and designer Reagan Leeds-Powers and her mother, the quintessential 80s Diva Queen, Apollonia De-Sai. Make sure to read Apollonia’s article on the Pleasure Principle video and what it was like moving from Trinidad and Tobago to Miami in 1986 here at S.H.E! […]


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